Research paper ideas for students - how to organize your writing process

It's fair to say that ideas are what can make an ordinary research paper a great research paper; in fact if you get good ideas or even just one really good idea you can use that as the basis for your work. Where do you get ideas? There are a number of resources such as looking at websites about research papers, talking to fellow students and academic staff and of course to use the old brainstorming technique.

You can do brainstorming by yourself but it really helps if you've got one or more people to join in. Choose a word or words which are relevant to the research paper idea you have. Then write down anything which comes into your mind related to that topic. The best brainstorming activities occur when one suggestion leads to another. That's why it's better to have it least two people in on the brainstorming session.

The writing

All the ideas in the world are no good unless they are well set out in an outline or plan. Just having a list of ideas is not good enough. They need to populate your plan. Spend as much time as you can on the creation of his plan.

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Be as deep and specific as you can. Remember that what you write all comes from the plan; the better the plan the better your writing. If you're struggling with the writing of your research paper it will almost certainly be because you have not created an outstanding plan.

on the plan

It needs to have subheadings and main points and supporting points. And when that plan is as clear as crystal you write with the plan in front of you. As I said at the very beginning the key to the success of your writing process is your ability to set up a sound organization and appropriate research paper help.

But now the real test begins

Having a great idea or ideas for your research paper is what it's all about. But you need to transform that idea or ideas into a completed research paper. And how do you do that? Well in one word the answer is organization. If you are really good at organization you're well on the way to writing a cracking research paper.

So let's think about this and work through a process. Obviously you need to have a topic for your research paper. Remember the advice that the best topics are those which interest you or in which you have some experience or prior knowledge. So straightaway that will help you look at your collection of ideas and choose the one which best meets that criteria.

Of course there might be more than one idea which you think is relevant to your research paper. If that's the case make up a list of these relevant ideas but put them in order of priority. The most important idea goes at the top and the least important idea obviously goes at the bottom. Now if you have one main point with each main paragraph in your research paper then you choose those ideas which you reckon make up the main point.

You draw up a plan or outline of your research paper and into each main paragraph you put this main idea. Those ideas which you think are minor ideas or supporting ideas, they go in the paragraph which relates to the main point. Remember you only have one main idea in each fact paragraph. You can have as many minor or subsidiary ideas in each paragraph. And remember each of the minor ideas needs to support the main idea. If you follow that routine that will add real strength to the quality of your research paper. Use www.PimpMyPaper for paper writing help.