7 Interesting Cryptography Research Paper Topics For College Students

There are many hot research topics in Cryptography and choosing one can sometimes prove to be difficult. If you are looking for a good research topic in cryptography, here are 7 interesting research topics for college students.

  1. Cryptography and the Issue of Internet Security
  2. In this topic, you can talk about how use of cryptography has made impact on internet security. Discuss about how cryptography is used in a number of applications such as events that have a huge impact on the national security. Talk about how internet privacy is important to individuals and how cryptography can assist in removing the security threat.

  3. Use of Cryptographic Protocols for Electronic Voting System
  4. Talk about how ineffective the current electronic voting system is, based on the rising cases of irregularities in the voting results. Explain why you have a reason to mistrust the current voting system and how use of cryptographic protocols can help to minimize voting errors, count all valid votes as well as preserve the intent of eligible voters and the final tally.

  5. Importance of Cryptography in the Government
  6. Describe how cryptography is a powerful weapon in politics and the need for securing sensitive information, mass surveillance, and enhancing national security.

  7. Why Cryptography is Essential for Information Systems
  8. The paper should be about how cryptography is a powerful tool and why it is used with computers and computer network security. You can talk about how all information systems using cryptography for privacy and authentication are vulnerable to severe threats.

  9. The Major Controversy Surrounding Computer Cryptography
  10. This paper should explain why computer cryptography has been a hot topic in major debates around the world. Why computer cryptography still receives a lot of criticism despite being popular in all aspects of life that deal with computers.

  11. Why Governments Should not Regulate Cryptography on the Internet
  12. With a lot of data being processed through the internet on a daily basis, there is need for great internet privacy. Internet Privacy for businesses and consumers has become a major concern to many people and therefore, involvement of third-parties like the government may not augur well with the people concerned. The paper should explain about why the government should not regulate cryptography.

  13. Importance of Quantum Cryptography
  14. Discuss about the need to embrace Quantum Cryptography as a new and improved way to ensure that highly sensitive information is passed through different media undetected. Talk about the great impact that the newly discovered quantum cryptography will cause in the world.

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