Where To Find A Research Paper Abstract On Child Abuse

If your teacher assigns you a research paper on child abuse, then you may want to find an abstract to model after as you prepare your paper’s abstract. Remember, an abstract is a brief summary about the paper you have written. There will not be a lot of details, but instead an overview of what your paper proves. Never retell the paper word by word. You write it last but then you place it at the front of the finished paper.

Places Where You Can Look For a Research Paper Abstract on Child Abuse

  • The Reference Section of the Library-some libraries have archived papers in the reference section of the library. If your library does not offer this service, then maybe you could ask your media specialist to start an archive of the best papers in the school.
  • From Your Advisor-your advisor should be able to provide these models to you. Just schedule an appointment and then drop by to see your advisor. You will not b able to remove these papers, but you can take notes on what you see. Also your advisor may be willing to let you take pictures of the papers.
  • Go to the Writing Lab-when you go to the campus writing lab, you will find assistance and old papers for you to review. Some campus writing labs are open 24/7 and that makes it easier for you to stop by during any free time you might possibly have.
  • Look Online-be forewarned that when you use anything online, you will want to move carefully. You will want to check the credibility and the quality of the author of the piece that you plan on using as a sample for your child abuse abstract. Some sites have archived work as well as profiles for the contributors. If you want to see the full article of writing, you may have to pay a fee.

When you need to see a model sample for your abstract on child abuse, you can find one in several reputable places. There will be many pieces for you to look at and use as a guide. You should look at the reference section of the library, ask your advisor, check out the writing lab, or look online at professional and credible websites when seeking a research paper abstract on child abuse.

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