7 Steps To Writing A Good Research Paper On The US Civil War

The War Between the States ripped apart a newly founded country. Fathers fought sons and families lost male members at an alarming rate. In most high schools, American History is studied in the 11th grade. Several chapters are devoted to this topic, so papers will be assigned on the subject. We have 7 great steps to help you with this mission.

  1. Pick a general-study one of the generals such as Grant, Jackson, or Lee. You could do a compare and contrast on two of them. You could look at the battles they had fought in before ths event, whether they had attended military academies, and the personality of the people.
  2. Military weaponry-look at the new advancements made in the field, a good one to explore might actually be the submarine.
  3. Families torn apart-look at famous families who were torn apart or had to leave their homes due to the war. You could write about how the Lee home at Arlington was taken by the US Army and Lincoln.
  4. Generals who became presidents-several generals in the war later became presidents or powerful politicians, look closely at these men and explore their climb to power.
  5. The battles and the battlefields-look at some of the famous terrain and locations where these battles took place. Some examples might be Shiloh, Gettysburg, or Vicksburg. You could also do a comapre and contrast on two of them if you wanted.
  6. The rivers-a discovery on the battles that took place on water and the great rivers could be informative and entertaining. The siege at Vicksburg and the Mississippi River might be a good one to consider for this piece.
  7. The reasons and the start-the many reasons for the war and the start of the war at Fort Sumter could be explored. The strains on the country, which led up to the war, had begun to show at least ten years before that first shot was fired near Charleston, South Carolina.

You will need to know your armies, the battles, the dates, and the backgrounds for the war. There will need to be a thesis statement, an outline built from main points, rough drafts, final drafts, and proofing. You will have intext citations and you will have a reference sheet with this project.

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