Academic Writing FAQ: What Is A Good Research Paper Title

If you have to write a research paper and you have the freedom of choosing the topic, you have the chance of getting the maximum grade without too much effort. All you need to do is to find a subject that is really engaging for you so you will have previous knowledge about it. The more information that you introduce, the more impressive it will be for your professor. Make sure that all the data is correct and verified. These titles will give you some inspiration for your paper:

  • How oral contraceptives work. This can be informative for your classmates, and you can easily find information on the topic.
  • The effects of smoking. There are many experiments you can do to prove this, and the health organizations are publishing every year concerning information.
  • Holocaust. Even if it is a sensitive topic, it can be fascinating to your classmates. Try to find confessions of ex-prisoners.
  • Vaccination. Should the parents be obligated to vaccinate their children or it is their option until their child is old enough to choose for himself?
  • Homework. Is it really useful for children? More and more parents seem to think that homework is more damaging than beneficial and that it is taking all the free time of the student.
  • Noise pollution. Even if many people don’t realize, this can have bad effects on the long term, and it is a concerning problem in big cities.
  • Organ sale. This practice is illegal in most countries, but some people say that by making it legal you can prevent crimes and bring more benefits to the patients.
  • Social anxiety. Many people nowadays suffer from this disorder without even knowing. It is important to help them realize this so they can get specialized help.
  • Color therapy. It is meant to be used especially with children, but some voices say that it is not really effective. What do you think?
  • The remaining of Communism. In countries where communism ruled for many years, there are still habits well preserved that are connected with old times.
  • The origin of Christmas practices. How many of them are related to religion and how many of them are rather cultural?

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