The 25 Most Interesting U.S. History Topics For Your Research Paper

History is known as the "window to the past". There are thousands of interesting things that have happened in U.S. history. In fact, new history is made every day. There are so many possible interesting areas for you to research that making a decision is extremely difficult. To give you some help, here is a list of the 25 most interesting topics in U.S. history that you can do your research paper on:

  1. Roanoke: What theories explain the disappearance of this lost colony?
  2. Religion among Native Americans: What relationship did it have on the environment?
  3. What were the possible causes of the Salem Witch Trials?
  4. What factors contributed to victory in the American Revolution?
  5. What were the causes and effects of the 1794 Whiskey Rebellion?
  6. What impact did cotton gins have on the American economy? A study of slaves used on Southern plantations.
  7. Did the U.S. provoke the Mexican War? What were the causes and effects?
  8. What was the reasoning behind the passage of the Indian Removal Act? What impact did the resulting Trail of Tears cause?
  9. The Oregon Trail: What motivation to move westward was so strong that the enormous risks were ignored?
  10. What impact did the Gold Rush have on the development of California?
  11. What impact did the Underground Railroad have? What methods were used?
  12. What impact did the Dred Scott decision have on the issue of slavery?
  13. Why was the Emancipation Proclamation issued by Lincoln during the Civil War?
  14. What was the contribution of women during the Civil War?
  15. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln: What did Booth hope to achieve, and did Mary Surratt take part in the conspiracy?
  16. What were the causes and effects of the draft riots in New York during the Civil War?
  17. What was the impact of the Transcontinental Railroad on westward expansion?
  18. Captains of Industry" or "Robber Barons"? Wealthy industrialists in the 1800's.
  19. What were the causes and effects of the Haymarket Riot?
  20. The Great Chicago Fire of 1871: What impact did it have on the city? Why was it so severe?
  21. What were the causes and effects of the Springfield Race Riot of 1908?
  22. What impact did the automobile have on the society and economy of America?
  23. What were the causes of Prohibition? How did it effect organized crime?
  24. The kidnapping of the Lindberg baby? Was there a wrongful conviction?
  25. What was the government response to the Mississippi River Flood in 1927? How were Southern racial issues impacted and how were farmers affected?

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