How To Write An Impressive Research Paper Introduction: Tips & Samples

Research Paper Introduction:

Introduction part of a research paper or any other piece of writing is very important. It gives your reader the first impression of your writing. If you are good in it, then he will show interest to read further. But, if your introduction is below par then the reader would not be much interested to go further into your writing. Moreover, when it is an academic task, it may affect your marking as well. It means that you must give top consideration while formulizing or writing your introduction. There are several useful tips, suggestions and tricks that can make the introduction part of your research paper more refined. For the maturity and upgrading the quality of your paper, you must refer to all the useful sources that can help you to enhance the quality of your research paper introduction.

Look out for samples:

A great way to get an idea about the requirements and quality of introduction section is to access some research paper samples. There are a number of sources through which you can go for finding a quality sample introduction part. You can go to your university’s website to look for a sample. Try all other possible websites of different institutes that can help you with the matter. Then, you can search on the web where you will definitely find some useful related help. Apart from samples, the web search can also return you some useful tips and suggestions regarding the improvement of your introduction section. Further, you can also search for a sample in different online research paper writing companies which do have some free resources to help you out with the introduction section of your research paper.

Tips for writing an introduction section:

The following are some useful tips and suggestions that can help you to write an impressive introduction section:

  • You must begin your research paper with some supportive information regarding the topic of your research. It must span a few sentences.
  • Your introduction ideally should have a question asked for the readers, which you will later on answer in your research.
  • Your hypothesis or the thesis statement should be the last sentence in your introduction section.
  • It should contain all the major points of your research paper.
  • You must evaluate your introduction section for errors and maturity once it is written.

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