Mission Possible: How To Write My Term Paper Over The Weekend

Although I typically tell my students that more rather than less time allowed to write a paper is best, they typically, like most students, wait until the last minute. If you want to write a term paper over the weekend, you are going to need every hour of that weekend devoted to the writing, research, and revising of that paper if you really want to get a good grade. Researching alone takes time and I recommend that you get that done as soon as possible. I’m going to give you a three day schedule, beginning Friday night, for getting a well written essay done in a little over 48 hours.

Prepare Emotionally

Typically, the more time you spend on the writing of a paper, the more polished it will be. You can write a paper in a shorter paper of time, but you are going to have to give this process everything that you have physically and mentally – and a little emotionally as well. Beginning early in that week—the emotional part comes in here—you must begin psyching yourself into the writing process. Try to read some sample essays throughout the week leading up to the essay as well. You might even find some student author essays on your topic or a topic very similar to yours. Start reading these early and by the weekend, you will remember their essence, but not actual sentences that you could later be accused of plagiarizing should you have remembered them word for word.

Friday Afternoon, or Early Evening

On or before Friday of that weekend, you need to start your research phase of the term paper. Do not wait until Saturday. You need both of those days for quite an arduous bout of writing that you are going to have to do.

What you need by Saturday morning are quotes, either highlighted in this article or, preferably, typed down on one to two sheets of paper that you can quickly insert into your paper to back up your assertions.

Use Headers to Break Up Your Content

Besides your introductory and closing paragraphs, you are going to have whole pages of evidence paragraphs in between them. These are the paragraphs where you insert quotes and evidence to back up your thesis. A great idea is to break these up with headers to make the paper easier.

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