How To Find A Revised Sample Research Paper In APA Format

What seems to be easier than writing your research paper based on a sample found online? You will see an already accomplished work that was written by a professional or a student, who faced the same problem as you: pass the course. It will give you hindsight on how to format what you have written correctly, what section your paper shall have and how to arrange your data and evidence. There might be one small problem, however: you cannot trust everything you find online. You may come across some sloppy work, which was not even written by a native speaker, let alone a college graduate. So, how to make sure the sample you have found will serve you well?

  1. Make sure the website is credible.
  2. You don’t want to take your sample from a scam website, where nobody knows how to write papers correctly.

    • .edu websites are your best choice. They represent an official educational institution and are the ones you will never have any problems with.
    • .gov websites are also the best, but there is a very little chance you will find an academic paper on one.
    • .org websites usually belong to an organization, which makes them not that bad. However, organizations can be different, so pay attention.
    • .com websites can be basically everything. Make sure to check everything you find there.
  3. Check where the work comes from.
  4. Look for an author, a source website or institution. Most of the papers are, of course, anonymous, but sometimes the signature can help you decide the quality of the work and how reliable the paper is. Find out how unique they are. Google a few words from the research you have found – if they are everywhere, it might not be the best choice to use them.

  5. Take a quick look through the paper.
  6. Even if you are not an expert in writing, you will be able to say for sure if the paper is really bad and will get you in trouble. No logical flow, words not connected with each other mean that the paper was most likely not written by a native speaker. Grammar and spelling mistakes are also something you don’t want to have in a paper that is supposedly written by a professional. Find a credible APA guide and check the paper against it for most important features.

Looks good? Use it for your paper, make sure to avoid plagiarizing the content and you are all set!

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