Informative Research Paper Ideas: How To Choose An Eye-Catching Topic

Sometimes referred to as an expository essay, the informative research paper's main purpose is to, well, inform a reader about the subject at hand. The work educates readers and isn't used for the purpose of conveying a specific opinion or belief.

Given the nature of informative essays, they're used to convey information about different topics in perhaps countless different ways. Let's review that in the following section:

  • Informative essays explain things that readers might not know.
  • Informative essays show readers new and/or existing research in another perspective.
  • Informative essays help explain complex terms in simple words.
  • Informative essays provide a way to compare and contrast contesting perspectives.
  • Informative essays explain how cause and effect relationships work.
  • Informative essays show readers how to apply knowledge to solve a problem.

So, as you can see, informative essays allow students to express information about a specific topic in several ways. Now, if only it were as easy to find a suitable topic....

The Informative Research Paper ~ How To Choose An Eye-Catching Topic

So, how do you pick a topic that's both eye-catching and interesting? Well, there are several ways to accomplish that. Let's take a look.

Good topics for informative research papers:

  • Stay interesting to the writer—you, in this case.
  • Provide new information that you and your readers will want to know.
  • Can be explained in about 3 to 5 pages.
  • Are fully supported by believable evidence.

You can actually start searching for informative research paper topics by, well, looking up things that you like. If you have a question about something, that could also form the basis for an excellent informative research paper.

Of course, it does take some time to find a topic that works, especially since some topics don't work as well within the confines of a 3 to 5 page work. But, you'll eventually find a topic that works—we're sure of it.

Eye-Catching Topics for Informative Research Papers ~ Hints

While it'll be too easy to list topics that you could use, we're instead going to list some hints to help students like you find eye-catching topics for your informative research paper. Remember, it's about the journey, too.

  1. Browse magazines, read online articles or read reference books.
  2. Visit news sources – websites, newspapers, journals, etc.
  3. Follow links via news websites or print magazines.
  4. Ask a teacher or professor for their ideas about researching common subjects from another perspective.
  5. Browse the web for ideas regarding topics you might want to write about—even blogs can present a perspective that you might want to explore on your own.

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