Creating A Great Term Paper About Death Penalty In 7 Steps

The existence of criminals in our society has made it necessary for us as a civilization to develop means of punishing them for their crimes against society. There are many different types of punishments each one having its specific criminal type. Capital punishment, otherwise referred to as the death penalty, is usually reserved for first degree murderers, especially those who have demonstrated lack of remorse for their crimes. Here are 7 steps by top writing professionals from to follow when writing a term paper about the death penalty:

  1. Introduction
  2. Every essay must contain an introduction and in this piece you must outline the intention of your essay. In this paragraph you can also show how you came to be interested in this topic and outline possible issues that you encountered during your research.

  3. Consider the benefits of the capital punishment
  4. Show how the death penalty has or has not benefited society considering historical situations as well. Discuss the possible reasons for the development of this form of punishment as a result of our society’s needs.

  5. Consider public opinion
  6. Many people have supported capital punishment, however, recently there has been a decrease in the desire for this practice. Show how public opinion has the ability to affect legislature that dictates whether or not a state practices the death penalty.

  7. Show how opinion has changed
  8. Recently many former supporters of capital punishment have begun to have different opinions, and a large majority are now opposed to the death penalty. Explore possible reasons for the recent change in public opinion.

  9. Outline possible alternatives
  10. Explore the alternatives available to replace the death penalty as a means of punishing criminals. Discuss how effective these methods can be and state any possible expenses they may incur on society.

  11. Provide real life occurrences
  12. Research, using old news articles, real life examples of capital punishment in action. Pay special attention to the reaction it receives from the public and anyone who may be in the audience at the time of this execution.

  13. Conclusion
  14. At the end of your essay you are required to summarize all of your points into one statement that ties all the pieces together. If you asked a question in your paper your conclusion should answer this question. It must be brief and should leave the reader with no questions, or at least, less questions than they started reading your paper with.

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