Sociology Research Paper Topic Ideas- How To Impress Your Professors

The topic that you choose for your paper says a lot about what you learned on the subject. If you choose a rather shallow topic to write about, you are saying to your professor that you get it but that you haven’t grasped the main ideas. You are not invested in the course if you write about a superficial topic. You may still get a good grade if the paper is well written but you will not get that “wow” factor that most students are looking for.

To impress your professors, you have to write about a topic that is a little more involved and one that shows that you are really immersed in the content of the course. Here are a few topics that dig a little deeper and are sure to get you a better grade. Choose wisely though because if you miss the major concepts, you are sure to flunk this one.

  1. Social Stratification Imagery
  2. Social Stratification and the Sociology of Law
  3. Social Stratification and Research in Marketing
  4. Flaws in Social Stratification Research
  5. Marxist Post-Structuralism
  6. Ethnomethodology
  7. Characterization of structural parameters in groups
  8. Social Fluidity

These are more advanced topics that are sure to catch the eye of your instructor if you write about them. Be sure to check with your instructor before making any final decisions on your topic. The main reason being that it is very important that you write a relevant paper. If these topics are more advanced, they are likely relevant but if there is not connection or bridge between these topics and the topics that you are discussing, you may have an issue.

If this is the case, try looking through your index for some ideas. Take a main topic and do some extensive research on it. Try and find a link to a more advanced topic so that you can dive deep into the world of sociology. Don’t take the easy way out and just write a paper on a famous sociologist or on a theory that has been discussed time after time. The originality of your subject will set you apart from your classmates. It will give you an advantage. When more than one student writes about the same subject, it is hard for the professor to not compare the work to the other students. What could have been an “A” turns into a “B” because it wasn’t as good as your classmate’s paper. Don’t make this mistake.

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