Marketing Term Paper Ideas: 10 Suggestions for University Students

Writing a term paper is a real challenge so many students may feel frustrated because of this. However, you need to overcome your fears, since they may affect the quality of your work, and you probably want to make it as good as possible.

First of all, you need to choose a really good topic. Think about things you are interested in or have some deep understanding of. If nothing comes to mind, don’t panic, just look at the following suggestions. Perhaps, they can help you pick the topic of your dream.

  1. Focus your research on the impact of translation on brand identity.
  2. When a company enters international market it faces new difficulties like building a marketing strategy for a different culture. The problem is that some particular things cannot be conveyed fully in the translation. This may influence the way people in different parts of the world see that brand.

  3. Consider why people prefer online to in-store purchasing.
  4. Nowadays online buying has become extremely popular. Should we expect that soon it will supplant a customary way of buying?

  5. Think whether people are more disposed to believe ads in social media than anywhere else?
  6. Social media have already become an important part of our lives. How can advertising benefit of it?

  7. Concentrate on the technologies invented to improve online marketing.
  8. What is the role of spam programs, Google AdSence, etc?

  9. Write about marketing strategies of well-known brands.
  10. Every successful company has its own way to success. You may analyze and compare tactics of world famous brands.

  11. Investigate how people can protect themselves from direct marketing tactics.
  12. Many companies try to make customers buy their products at any cost. What tactics do they use? Are there any prohibited ones?

  13. Think whether there are ways to promote online impulsive buying.
  14. Many people like purchasing in online shops. What are the ways to make them buy even more?

  15. Devote your paper to the impact of loyalty programs on customer buying decision.
  16. Why discounts make customer buy more than they really need?

  17. Write about the importance of marketing in modern society.
  18. Businesses keep struggling to attract more and more customers all the time. Investigate what influence it has on the society.

  19. Think of the drawbacks and benefits of mobile marketing.
  20. The widespread popularity of mobile devices creates many advantages for business in promoting their services and products. At the same time there are some difficulties that every company faces when dealing with it.

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