Where to Look for Non-Plagiarized Sample Term Papers​

Free academic paper databases is where many students begin their searches for sample term papers, but this experience is often frustrating. Most papers in such databases are plagiarized or are of low quality.

A term paper is quite a large piece of work, so there is a small chance of finding a reliable and free sample online, as it is possible with essays. Paid databases, although generally considered more reliable, can also have plagiarized papers. Here are a few other places to discover quality non-plagiarized examples.

  • Your instructor’s archive.
  • Your instructor might have many previously submitted papers on file. Ask for a look at several of these for you to form an idea of what your term paper should be like. Obtaining sample term papers from your tutor is probably your most reliable option. You may be rest assured that these are actual and successful papers, are error-free, and are not plagiarized.

  • College or university library.
  • Your academic library may also have term papers previously submitted by students. Refine your search by subject and keywords. The advantages of this way are the same as if you were to turn to your instructor for help – you will get reliable and authentic examples quickly and absolutely free of charge. Remember that you can use these papers only as examples. Do not copy any parts and fragments directly, as it would be easily detected by your instructor.

  • Writing services.
  • If you are ready to pay for access to quality term paper examples, do not waste your money on buying pre-written papers on the Web. These papers may be plagiarized as well, and you will not be able to see them before you pay. It can be a great disappointment to buy an expensive term paper, copy the text into Copyscape, and see that it is matches another text on the Web.

    Instead, turn to writing services for a custom term paper. You will have to spend a bit more money than on a pre-written paper, but the result is worth it. Good writing services guarantee 100% authenticity, and they deliver work that is tailored to your needs. You can order either a whole paper or part of it. If you discover plagiarism in your paper, you can require either a free revision or all of your money back. You can even pass this example as your own work, which is not an option when you get a term paper sample from your instructor, your college library, or your friends.

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