Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Writing A Research Paper

When you are writing a research paper, there are many mistakes that you should avoid. Students fall into the same predictable traps time and time again. But knowing what they are before you start writing your paper can help you avoid them. This can alleviate a great deal of stress and frustration.

  1. Mistake number one
  2. Not doing adequate research before selecting your thesis.

    Sometimes many students will rush the selection of their thesis because they're stressed or they're busy. They failed to conduct adequate researching to make sure that there is enough existing literature published on their topic, or that the existing literature doesn't contradict their topic. As result, their focus on the subject can suffer. And this suffering is shown through the writing. By doing a little bit of research before you select your topic, you can make sure that the subject you select can be successfully written in the number of pages you have.

  3. Mistake number two
  4. Not having a strong thesis statement.

    After you select your subject, the next step is making a strong thesis statement. In order for your paper to be successful this is a critical and foundational element and yet it is one that many students fail to achieve. Many students failed to define their point of view in the thesis or to take a stand. The thesis must be clear and it has to express your singular and main idea. It has to be about a topic that really encourages continued discussion. A good thesis statement should be compelling and it should cause your reader to want to read the next page.

  5. Mistake number three
  6. Failing to make connections between the thesis and the supporting statements.

    Many students who select a strong thesis statement and have conducted adequate research have their key points ready. But when they start writing, they write in a choppy manner that does not flow. They write each of their main points as a separate paragraph and yet they fail to ever correlate those supporting statements to the thesis. Every supporting paragraph that follows your thesis statement, which comprises the body of your essay, needs to stimulate more discussion about the thesis statement by reverting back to it. You have to transition effectively so that you're supporting statements continually support your thesis statement.

Avoid these mistakes and your research paper will be great.

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