Twenty Successful Research Paper Topics About Media

You are tasked with writing a research paper about the media there are many potential topics available for you to cover. If you're struggling to pick a topic on your own consider the 20 topics below:

  1. review media ownership and which individuals on a conglomeration of different media outlets
  2. review what you consider to be the best news outlet and why
  3. Review the laws which protect journalists from disclosing their sources and whether these laws can be infringed upon and the name of sources demanded of the journalist in cases where safety and protection are necessary
  4. explore issues of national security as they are presented in the news and whether they are presented to frequently
  5. Review the way in which advertisements in advertising space purchased on different networks has negatively influenced a presentation of data and news on many media outlets.
  6. explore how different countries present the news of their enemies in a negative light
  7. Provide an example of where the media has blown a story out of proportion and as a result scared many of their viewers.
  8. Look over news prior to the development of the 24-hour news channel and news today to see how the instigation of the 24-hour news Channel has negatively affected what is presented on television and online.
  9. explore freedom of the press
  10. explain the use of kidnapping journalists by terrorist organizations and the high prevalence of it over the last few years
  11. Explore freedom of speech
  12. Review historical newscasters and the important role they play
  13. Review the use of journalists in battle
  14. Look into the day where BBC presented no news. This was a historical day where BBC anchors stated that there was no news that day and they went one full day without presenting any new updates or stories. Review why there was considered to be no news that day and how new was considered worthy and important compared to today when the new dating habits of a recent film star are considered newsworthy
  15. for the idea of censorship in the media
  16. explore the rating system and how that influences what news is presented
  17. Explore television violence
  18. review why multiple news channels and outlets are necessary for democracy
  19. explain why the number of advertisements on television are either good or bad
  20. Explore the rating system for content posted on television and whether parents should be legally obligated to follow that rating system.

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