10 Broad Term Paper Topics You Can Look Into

When you receive a typical assignment from your professor, things are going pretty easy. You have to make some research on the subject, find some interesting information and compose a good term paper. However, sometime you have to choose the topic by yourself and this can get tricky. It needs to be easy for you, but interesting and engaging for your colleagues. If you don’t know how you can get their attention, take a look at these ideas:

  1. Women in Middle East society. You hear a lot about them and you never know what is the truth. Why not find out how women are seen by the society?
  2. Is sugar causing addiction? Many of your colleagues will think that this is ridiculous in the beginning. However, you will find many scientific explanations for this, and many books that prove how dangerous sugar is. Next time they will go to the store, they will think twice about what they will buy.
  3. Children who are adopted by gay couples. This is a controversial subject and psychologists have different opinions on it. Some of them say that a child can be confused by this situation, while others say that it will not affect them in any way.
  4. Why coffee wakes us up? If you drink coffee in the morning, you feel awake and ready for the day. Why? Can we get the same effect if we drink something else?
  5. Industrial food. Did you ever imagine that the food that you eat is produced in a factory, not in a farm? It contains plastic, sand and many other ingredients that can be harmful for us.
  6. Pedophilia. It is not a nice subject, but it can be useful to know more about this. It is a mental disease, or it is just a behavior that can be eliminated?
  7. Immigration. Do you think that immigrants should receive the same rights as the citizens? Why?
  8. Life insurance. Try to explain to your classmates how life insurance works and why insurance companies afford to pay such big amounts of money.
  9. Beauty pageants for children. Do you think that they should be legal? In some countries this kind of competitions are illegal and considered child abuse.
  10. Marijuana legalization. Is marijuana legal in your country? If not, do you think it should be? If yes, do you agree with this?

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