How To Develop Fresh Research Paper Topics: A Guide For Students

If you are in need of fresh research paper topics, consider the guide below…If you're struggling to pick a topic for your next paper, have no fear. Many students struggle with finding a topic. In fact it is one of the most difficult aspects of writing any paper. Whether you are writing a five paragraph essay or a term paper, the first step is always picking a good topic.

  • When you are overwhelmed with trying to pick a term paper topic, it is important that you start by reviewing your assignment details. The assignment details are important and many students failed to review them properly. Do not skim your assignment details. Go over them in detail and highlight any important keywords.
  • Highlight compare and contrast versus compare or contrast. This will ensure that you stay on track with your writing.
  • Once you have reviewed your assignment details, it is time to brainstorm potential topics. To do this, you should review your textbooks and any lecture notes you have associated with your course.
  • You can skim the headings and subheadings for all of your textbooks and all of your notes to see if there's anything that is of interest to you. If you find a topic that you wanted to learn more about but just never had the time, perhaps that is a suitable topic for your next paper. If you see something that you love and often debate in your personal life, that may be a good topic for your next paper. If there something that peaks your interest, write it down it might be a good topic.
  • Once you have reviewed the textbook and corresponding lecture notes, you can try some brainstorming activities. One brainstorming activity most popular among students is called a free right. During this exercise, you set a timer for 3 to 5 minutes. You sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and you just start writing. The purpose is to keep your pen on your paper for the duration of the 3 to 5 minutes. Do not stop writing the entire time. Write anything that comes to mind. The brain can consciously hold onto seven thoughts at one time. If you are stressed about other things or otherwise mentally distracted your brain may not be able to think of a topic because it is distracted. But during a free right you can get all of your distracted thoughts out on paper and then free up your brain to consider potential paper topics.

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