A Quick Guide On How To Do A Research Paper In APA Format

Research papers in social sciences are usually written in the APA format. It requires the author to format their document in a particular way. If you’ve never composed term papers in the APA style, you should learn the basics before beginning your work. A poorly formatted paper won’t earn you a high score.

Basic Guidelines for Formatting an APA Research Paper

  • Use a standard paper with all margins equal to one inch;
  • Use a readable font type and 12 pt. font size;
  • Create a page header in the top left corner of the page that contains the short version of your paper’s title written in capital letters and appears on every page of your paper;
  • In the top right corner of a page, create a page number. It should be present on every page too;

A paper in the APA style should have a title page. It should contain the name of the paper written in upper and lowercase letters, the name of the author, and the educational institution information.

A paper created in the APA style should contain the following sections:

  • An abstract.
  • In this section, the author should include the quick summary of the entire paper.

  • The main body.
  • In this section, the main chapters of the paper should be presented.

  • References.
  • In this section, should be the list of sources used in the study and referenced in the text.

Sources to Help You Format Your Research Paper

If you often apply format requirements incorrectly, you may ask somebody else to do this for you. For example, you may approach a student who always gets high scores for academic assignments.

Another option is to hire a professional editor to do the formatting for you. It shouldn’t be difficult to find qualified specialists in your local area. You may visit different academic centers to ask for their contact details.

Lastly, you may hire a large and respectable online service to format your paper. A professional online company may also provide you with papers written from scratch.

In brief, writing a research paper in the APA format isn’t very difficult. Once you’ve formatted one paper correctly, you won’t have any problems with applying the same requirements to other documents. Remember that it’s not obligatory to format your paper in the very beginning of the writing process. On the contrary, most students apply the proper format requirements in the last instance.

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