10 Things To Write About In Your Research Paper On The History Of The Internet

There is currently so much that is going on in the world around us. With respect to the internet, a lot of us cannot go a few minutes without checking something online. Most of the devices, appliances and machinery that we use have been connected to the internet, so that there is a seamless transfer protocol for information. Information is key to a lot of the things that we do today. In fact, thanks to the internet, the whole world is more connected than it ever was back in the day.

Given the task of writing a paper on the history of the internet, you can check this website to learn about a few of the points that should feature in your paper. Of course there are different schools of thought with respect to the history of the internet. Every one of them highlights something different from the others, or a slight variation. Some are more loaded with content, and you will have to filter them out to get the content that is realistic for your paper, and the ones that are not.

As you go about working on this paper, the following are some of the key issues that you must make sure you write in your paper, so that it stands out:

  • Define and describe how the internet project started back at MIT
  • The concept of the World Wide Web project
  • Discuss how Napster changed the world of digital content
  • Present your case for file sharing, and the role that McGill University played in 1989
  • The size of the internet
  • Discuss how banner ads have evolved over the years
  • Explain the nature and structure of emails, with billions being sent each day
  • Talk about video sharing networks, and how they have evolved over the years
  • Discuss common cyber terrorism attacks, like the DDOS attack
  • Discuss how commercial activity online used to be banned explicitly, and the changes that we have since witnessed

If you are keen, you will realize that there are a lot of things that you can write about with respect to the history of the internet. You simply need to tackle one subject at a time. Choose what you want, and read as much as you can on it before you start writing that research paper, and you will find it very easy to handle it in the long run.

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