8 Basic Points On The Formal Research Paper Structure

The formal research paper structure includes several sections. Most research papers have the same sections they are required to discuss. It is important for students to stick to assignment guidelines when completing writing assignments. Some guidelines vary from one assignment to the next. But, this information aims to give a general idea of what a research paper structure includes so can develop a strategy to write your paper the best way possible. Here are 8 points to review about the structure.

  1. The paper structure for this assignment can vary depending on guidelines set for the project. Basic parts of the structure include an abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion and reference page or list.
  2. The abstract provides a brief summary of your paper and what readers should expect.
  3. The introduction of a research paper helps readers understand what the paper is working to achieve with 3 parts: problem, what your research is trying to achieve, and your position on the issue.
  4. The method section of the paper gives insight on research was performed. This may detail how you performed any exercises or data collection. For instance, if you asked people questions as part of your data collection, you can present details about the survey you used and how you selected people to question.
  5. The results section provides data such as graphs and tables detailing calculations and trends learned. This section provides hardcore information that is important evidence to your findings. This is another way to back up written evidence but with a visual aspect.
  6. The discussion section provides insight on what you found but with more elaborate information including your own interpretations. This section may provide opinions or what you think about your subject matter with more details to help others see your point of view.
  7. The conclusion gives insight on what you discussed and how it is connected to other research completed on the subject matter.
  8. The reference list offers sources used in data collection. This is presented in the formatting style suggested such as APA or MLA.

Additional Tips to Consider for Paper Structure

Pay close attention to assignment guidelines since some points mentioned may not be included in your required format. This is just basic information to help you understand what details to include making your topic more interesting to readers.

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