What Аre The Most Appropriate Topics For A Research Paper?

Succeeding at academic writing is as much about being an excellent writer as it is being able to choose an excellent topic to write about. Students, who tend to be skilled at identifying strong topic concepts often, do better on their writing assignments. If you struggle with writing one of the problems may be that you do not know how to identify an appropriate topic. In today’s article we are going to discuss some strategies for identifying a strong research paper topic to write on.

  1. How does it relate to the topic of study?
  2. Before settling on any topic idea you should ask yourself: How does this relate to the topic of study? The reason why this is important is because a topic that may make a good research paper concept in once class may not be appropriate in another. For example a research paper topic that you would write on for English History would not be the same as a research paper topic that you choose for Advanced Math. Keep these things in mind when selecting your topic.

  3. How does it relate to things covered in class?
  4. The next question you want to ask yourself when determining if a research paper topic is appropriate is whether or not it relates to the subject matter covered in class. Even though, Shakespeare may be a good research paper topic for a general literature studies course, if you have not covered Shakespeare that semester then it isn’t a great concept. One way to easily choose a research paper topic is to review your class notes and choose your topic from a class lecture.

  5. Is the topic redundant or can you add something new?
  6. Lastly, before you pick a topic for your research paper does a bit of preliminary research on that topic. See if there are any recent or current events that directly relate to the subject matter. If there is, see if you can work that into your discussion. The reason why this is highly recommended is because it helps to make sure that your research paper is relevant to modern day. For example, it may not be wise to write your paper on “Polio” unless there is new information to be shared, or something current to be said about the disease.

At the end of the day when selecting a research paper topic remember to choose wisely. A strong research paper idea can make or break your paper!

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