A List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics On The Literature Of The Lost Generation

The lost generation in literature, eludes to the post World War I generation of American writers that came into their literary dominance during the war and the 1920s. Such writers include Ernest Hemmingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and T. S. Eliot. From this lost generation in literature come many interesting themes from which to develop compelling research papers. In this short article, you will be introduced to a list of interesting subjects that you can possibly undertake.

Where did our values go? And what are they now? These seemed to be the predominant questions of the generation lost, a generation struggling with the emotional barren state caused by the post war. This was a time of materialism and indulgence as illustrated in the Great Gatsby. It was a time where the sanctimonious vows of marriage, contracts, and of commitments took second stage to money, power, and social status. From the Great Gatsby we can derive several topics:

  1. The role of spirituality in a post war society.
  2. The influence of war on the moral values of society.
  3. Capitalism in a post war society.

We are strong. We can love. We can live. These themes arose from, lost generation, writer, Ernest Hemmingway in The Sun Also Rises, a tale of American and Parisian expatriates that experience the famous running of the bulls. Although the running of the bulls could be an interesting tale in and of itself, it is the interesting humanistic struggle, experienced by disillusioned post-war people that provide potential subjects.

  1. How do people have faith and hope to love in a world where nothing is certain?
  2. How do people’s views death differ between a pre and post war society?
  3. The role of femininity in recovery during a post war society.
  4. From disillusionment to renewal.

It is from the great writers, the great lost generation of literary genius, that we can, through their compelling tales, derive interesting research themes that may be relevant to modern society. It is through these writer’s disenchantment with societal values and rules that we can explore the social aspects of life, love, death, and struggle. It is through a generation lost in what is and what should be in relation to how things were that can provide us with the themes. By exploring the lost, we may indeed help find answers to some of society’s greatest moral struggles.

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